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以下罗列已发表的论文和预印本,包括会议论文和为它人文章撰写的附录。由于 arXiv 上的版本可能较旧,建议尽量点选 DOI 链接以下载期刊版本。

  • (与陈飞合作) Intertwining operators in the Takeda-Wood isomorphism arXiv:2312.00400 已提交
  • Higher localization and higher branching laws arXiv:2207.08994 doi:10.1093/imrn/rnad133 International Mathematics Research Notices, volume 2024, Issue 4, pp.3052-3138.
  • Stabilization of the trace formula for metaplectic groups arXiv:2109.06581 已提交
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  • (与 Wee Teck Gan 合作)The Shimura-Waldspurger correspondence for Mp(2n) doi:10.1007/978-3-319-94833-1_6 arXiv.1612.05008 刊于 Geometric Aspects of the Trace Formula, Müller, Shin, Templier (Eds.). Simons Symposia. Springer (2018), pp.183-210. 顺带改正了 arXiv:0906.4053 中 Déf 5.9 的一个笔误.
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  • Some remarks on the automorphic spectrum of the inner forms of \( \text{SL}(N) \), 收录于《京都大学数理解析研究所講究録》, No. 1871, "保型表現とその周辺", Atsushi Ichino (市野篤史) 主编 (2013). 灌水文章.
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  • (与 Thomas Rüd 合作)文章 Jeff Achter, Salim Ali Altug, Julia Gordon, "Counting abelian varieties over finite fields via Frobenius densities" 的附录,刊于 Algebra and Number Theory, Vol.17 (2023), No. 7, pp.1239-1280.   doi:10.2140/ant.2023.17.1239 arXiv:1905.11603
  • (附录) Appendix: A comparison of basic functions, to the paper "On generalized Fourier transforms for standard \(L\)-functions" by F. Shahidi doi:10.1007/978-3-319-94833-1_12 arXiv:1710.06841 刊于 Geometric Aspects of the Trace Formula, Müller, Shin, Templier (Eds.). Simons Symposia. Springer (2018), pp.395-404.